Let's Practice Spanish Vocabulary Together!

Can you match the Spanish words with their English translations?

  1. cruzar - ____________________
  2. practicar - ____________________
  3. almorzar - ____________________
  4. buscar - ____________________
  5. llegar - ____________________


  1. cruzar - to cross
  2. practicar - to practice
  3. almorzar - to have lunch
  4. buscar - to search
  5. llegar - to arrive


Cruzar - This word means "to cross" in English. For example, "Cruzo la calle para tomar el autobús" translates to "I cross the street to take the bus."

Practicar - The word "practicar" translates to "to practice" in English. An example sentence is "Practico deportes después de las clases," which means "I practice sports after classes."


Buscar - "Buscar" translates to "to search" in English. An example sentence is "Busco mis libros pero no sé dónde están," which means "I search for my books but I don't know where they are."

Llegar - This word means "to arrive" in English. For example, "Llegué al colegio un poco tarde" translates to "I arrived at school a little late."

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