Positive Punishment in Action

What operation best describes the scenario where Devon speeds through a red light and his car is hit?

Selected Answer: c. Positive punishment.

Answers: a. Positive reinforcement. b. Negative reinforcement. c. Positive punishment.


Positive Punishment


Positive punishment is used to decrease the probability of an unwanted behavior. Whenever positive punishment is used, people think that there is something wrong or harmful, but exactly it's not there. This procedure can be used with mentally challenged and normal children, adults, animals, and different psychological disorders. There are two types of punishment:

  • Negative Punishment
  • Positive Punishment

Final answer:

In this scenario, the behavior of speeding through a red light is followed by a car crash, and as a result, the behavior decreases. This is an example of positive punishment.


In this scenario, Devon's behavior of speeding through a red light is followed by a consequence of a car crash. This consequence serves to decrease the likelihood of his speeding behavior in the future. The operation that best describes this scenario is positive punishment. Positive punishment involves presenting an aversive stimulus (the car crash) to decrease the frequency of a behavior (speeding through the red light).

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