Approaching an Intersection with a Red Flashing Light: What to Do

What should you do when approaching an intersection with a red flashing light?

A. Stop before entering and then proceed when safe

B. Slow down and allow cross traffic to go first

C. Wait for the green light before entering


When encountering a red flashing light at an intersection, you should stop before entering and then proceed when it's safe.

When approaching an intersection with a red flashing light, it is required by law for you to stop before entering the intersection. This measure is in place to ensure safety and prevent accidents. It's important to be cautious and observe your surroundings before proceeding.

Take into account the traffic and pedestrians at the intersection. Once it is safe, and you have given way to pedestrians and other vehicles, you may proceed. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when navigating intersections.

The red flashing light serves as a signal to regulate traffic flow and prevent potential mishaps. By following the traffic regulations and being mindful of others on the road, you contribute to creating a safer environment for everyone.

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