Graham's Law of Diffusion: Rate of Nitrogen Dioxide Effusion

What is the rate at which nitrogen dioxide will effuse?

The rate at which the nitrogen dioxide, NO₂ will effuse is 64 mL/s


According to Graham's law of diffusion, the rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the molar mass. The formula for this law is R₁/R₂ = √(M₂/M₁).

Given data:

  • Rate of N₂ (R₁) = 82 mL/s
  • Molar mass of N₂ (M₁) = 28 g/mol
  • Molar mass of NO₂ (M₂) = 46 g/mol

To determine the rate at which nitrogen dioxide, NO₂, will effuse, we can use the Graham's law of diffusion formula.

Applying the equation:

R₁/R₂ = √(M₂/M₁)

82 / R₂ = √(46 / 28)

Cross multiply:

82 = R₂√(46 / 28)

Divide both sides by √(46 / 28)

R₂ = 82 /√(46 / 28)

R₂ = 64 mL/s

Therefore, nitrogen dioxide, NO₂, will effuse at 64 mL/s.

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