Trevor's Core Self-Evaluation in Business Planning

What aspect of core self-evaluation does Trevor demonstrate in making the new business plan work?

Option 1: High self-esteem

Option 2: Self-efficacy (correct)

Option 3: Low self-confidence

Option 4: Self-doubt


Trevor knows it is up to him to make the new business plan work. Which aspect of a core self-evaluation does Trevor demonstrate?

Final answer: Trevor demonstrates self-efficacy.

Trevor's core self-evaluation is crucial in the implementation of the new business plan. By taking responsibility and having confidence in his abilities, Trevor exemplifies self-efficacy.

Explanation: Trevor's willingness to take charge and confidence in successfully executing the plan reflect self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is an individual's belief in their capability to achieve specific goals and succeed in particular tasks.

Unlike self-esteem, which is about self-worth, self-efficacy specifically pertains to confidence in one's abilities to accomplish tasks. Low self-confidence and self-doubt indicate a lack of belief in oneself, which doesn't align with Trevor's proactive and self-assured approach.

Self-efficacy is a key driver for personal and professional success, influencing motivation, effort, perseverance, and resilience in overcoming challenges. Trevor's self-efficacy will likely fuel his determination to ensure the success of the new business plan.

Therefore, Trevor's demonstration of self-efficacy is a valuable trait for effective leadership and plan execution, making it the most suitable aspect of core self-evaluation in this scenario.

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