Base your answer to questions 8 through 11 on the following energy efficiencies.

Energy Efficiencies

(A) 100%

(B) 60%

(C) 35%

(D) 10%

(E) 1%

8. Approximate efficiency of today's nuclear power plants

A) D

B) A

C) E

D) C

E) B

9. Approximate efficiency of combined-cycle natural gas electric power plant

A) B

E) C

B) E

D) D

C) A

10.Approximate efficiency of the conversion of gasoline fuel into mechanical energy in a car

B) D

A) B

C) C

D) A

E) E

11. The second law of thermodynamics prevents this efficiency from being possible

D) B

E) C

A) D

B) E

C) A

(It’s four questions, if someone could help me it would mean a lot because I’m really stuck and I’m freaking out.)




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