All of the following are examples of Federal Grants except?

Understanding Federal Grants

Federal grants are awards of money provided by the United States Government from the funds available in the general federal revenue. These grants can be in the form of complete funding or a loan, depending on the situation of the applicant applying for the grant. In addition to government sources, grants can also be available from outside sources such as charities and foundations.

Examples of Federal Grants

There are various types of federal grants that are issued to support different causes and initiatives. Some of the common examples include:

  1. The SMART Grant: This is a federal grant that provides financial assistance to students pursuing certain college degrees.
  2. ACG: The Academic Competitiveness Grant is another federal grant program aimed at supporting college students.
  3. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant: This grant is provided to students who have lost a parent serving in the U.S. military during the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Exception

Among the options provided, the grant that does not fall under the category of federal grants is The Russia Service Grant. This particular grant is not funded by the United States Government and therefore does not meet the criteria of a federal grant.

What are examples of Federal Grants?

The examples of Federal Grants include The SMART Grant, ACG, and The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

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